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Re: Pterosaur relationships

> Don't call birds reptiles either.
> eric l.

But I will call them sauropsids...

Please be so kind as to abandon the term Reptilia. Reptilia in the
traditional sense is a wastebasket like Thecodontia, additionally affected
with all kinds of prejudices. Sauropsida is a much less confusing word and
was cladistically defined before Reptilia (currently synonymous in
cladistics), and Eureptilia (seems to be node-based: it includes
Anapsida/Parareptilia and Romeriida, but not Mesosauridae) is already

Before PhyloCode is active, we probably can't avoid Eureptilia and
Eupelycosauria (all but the basalmost synapsids/theropsids), but we can
avoid Reptilia.