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Re: Any Feathered Dinosaurs on Video?

Disney's Dinosaurs actually DID develop feathered animals. We'll be publishing
some drawings of them in the next few months. They were dropped for budgetary
reasons, but one might well suppose that when they do the "sequels" that the
feathers will creep back in. Just speculation on my part, however, and nothing


"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:

> > Given that neither "Walking With Dinosaurs" nor Disney's "Dinosaur"
> > chose to feature any feathered non-avian dinosaurs, I'm wondering if
> > there is anything out there on video that shows something of the Yixian
> > finds, either as fossils or as restorations (or both).  If not, how much
> > longer will we have to wait?  (Hint, hint, documentary producers).
> Very likely, years.  It takes YEARS to produce a special-effects rich
> documentary:


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