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Re: Babies and Ecology

>    A while back, I said something about baby dinosaurs filling a different
niche as adult members
>of the same species.  I gave tyrannosaurs as an example, with little,
coelurosaur-like babies
>filling the small-predator niche (for a few months at least) while the
adults ate larger prey.  The
>idea was shot down as people found some rather large logical errors in it
(after all, the babies
>are only small for a short period), but I still think there is a grain of
truth in my idea.  (well,
>I shouldn't say _my_ idea.  I must have picked up that theory from some
book, but I've forgotten

Farlow, J. 1976. Speculations about the diet and foraging behavior of large
carnivorous dinosaurs. American   Midland Naturalist 95(1):186-191

    Farlow basically the same point you do regarding baby crocodilians and
adults; babies have a highly varied diet of small vertebrates and
invertebrates, and tend to become less reliant on invertebrates as they get
A similar pattern hold for Komodo dragons.  farlow suggests a similar shift
in feeding strategy in large theropods.

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