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Re: Phylocode (was Pterosaur relationships)

I've forgotten in which journal Michael Benton's paper will appear, but since it is now in press, he has already posted the article on the Internet (on his homepage at the University of Bristol).
Semi-paraphyletic is the term I coined in 1994 for a paraphyletic group which is made holophyletic (in an informational sense) by the addition of markers. The traditional Reptilia is paraphyletic, but is rendered semi-paraphyletic by the addition of markers for the birds and mammals.
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Subject: Re: Phylocode (was Pterosaur relationships)
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> Perhaps someday we will all refer to a more > traditional (but semi-paraphyletic) Reptilia once again,

Oh, I forgot to ask: What do you mean by "semi-paraphyletic"?

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