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Asia x Gondwana

And about Opisthocoelicaudia? It's conitnuously stated that it had Gondwanan
conections. But how?
1) Did They come from South America through North America? (perhaps like
2) Or has some Gondwanan block from Australia merged into South Asia?
 ( I've read an old article in Nature about a continent Pacifica, whose
fragments would be gone to North America, South America and Asia...was this
idea abandoned?)

Joao SL
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> > Wasn't this Rhoetosaurus? Or is Austrosaurus considered a relative?
> > (unlikely given the differences in the vertebrae)
> Oops! It was, thank you. Austrosaurus is even considered saltasaurine
> (Saltasaurinae sensu Sereno = sister group to Opisthocoelicaudia).