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Re: Feathered topics.

will the NEXT dinosaur movies have dinosaurs with feathers?
My guess would be: Absolutely YES. While I have virtually no information
whatsoever about Jurassic Park III, I'd be willing to bet money that here
will be feathered dinosaurs in that picture. And if there's not, I really
can't think of any good excuse, and I'll eat my hat (well, not my hat, maybe, but probably my lunch which I hardly ever bother to eat).<

Hate to rain on the parade, but in the talk that Horner gave here at NAU, he said that there will _not_ be any feathered dinos in JPIII. He said that Spielberg had told him that feathered dinos wouldn't fit, because the previous two didn't have feathers. (Also, in the movie, why did they use Frog DNA? Could you possibly pick a worse tetrapod?)
Anyways, that's the current news.

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