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Re: Feathered topics.

>>The lemur "fur" program was a modification of some existing "fur" work
that was refined for this
film. The refinements included tools that allowed them to direct "wind
currents" through the hair.
Interestingly enough the historically innacurate grass seen at the end
of the film was created using
the lemur "hair" software. I mention that only to demonstrate that these
effects and "textures"
don't exist in a vacuum: they have to be founded upon some existing
technology and not upon
heartfelt wishes. <<
Why not modify the fur program to produce dinofuzz?  I don't think
people were looking for conture feathers.

I realize, of cource, that this discussions is pretty academic.  I meen,
the movie _has_ come and gone, but I hope that any future dinosaur
animators lurking out there will read this discussion and prosper.

...and if the next dinosaur movie doesn't have feathers, _I'll_ eat _my_
lunch, too.