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New articles


Ok, here are a few articles that I’ve come across this week. Unfortunately, the local libraries do not carry as many publications as they use to.


Goldberg, K, & A. j. V. Garcia, 2000. Palaeobiogeography of the Bauru Group, a dinosaur-bearing Cretaceous unit, northeastern Parana Basin, Brazil. Cretaceous Research, Volume 21: 241-254.


Carvalho, I. De S., 2000. Geological environments of dinosaur footprints in the intracratonic basins of northeast Brazil during the Early Cretaceous opening of the south Atlantic. Cretaceous Research, Volume 21: 255-267.


(I’d love to see the dinosaur footprints walking around in that environment! :>)


And the Crème de la Crème…


Renesto, S., 2000. Bird-like head on a chameleon body: new specimens of the enigmatic diapsid reptile Megalancosaurus from the Late Triassic of Northern Italy. Rivista Italiana di Paleontooiga e Stratigrafia, Volume 106, Numero 2: 157-180.


2 new specimens, one with the back of the skull and good skeleton, the other has a good skeleton. One with the ‘hooked’ tail. Basically, he states that skull and neck looks avian, but it has nothing to do with the evolution of birds. The skull and neck does look like Proavis (which may be another argument for Proavis being a chimera). It most likely wasn’t a glider. If it was it would have glide like a flying squirrel and not a pterosaur or bird.


Nice paper!