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Does Renesto place Megalancosaurus within prolacertiforms, close to them, or closer to some other group?
If I recall correctly, someone's cladogram had Megalancosaurus as an even more basal archosauromorph (possibly even near euryapsids?).
From: "Tracy Ford" <tlford@ix.netcom.com>

And the Crème de la Crème?
Renesto, S., 2000. Bird-like head on a chameleon body: new specimens of the
enigmatic diapsid reptile Megalancosaurus from the Late Triassic of Northern
Italy. Rivista Italiana di Paleontooiga e Stratigrafia, Volume 106, Numero
2: 157-180.

2 new specimens, one with the back of the skull and good skeleton, the other
has a good skeleton. One with the ?hooked? tail. Basically, he states that
skull and neck looks avian, but it has nothing to do with the evolution of
birds. The skull and neck does look like Proavis (which may be another
argument for Proavis being a chimera). It most likely wasn?t a glider. If it
was it would have glide like a flying squirrel and not a pterosaur or bird.

Nice paper!


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