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Re: Feathered topics.

dbensen wrote:SNIP

> Why not modify the fur program to produce dinofuzz?  I don't think
> people were looking for conture feathers.

Well, that's of course a point, but the idea was to have "conture feathers"
much like the recent reconstruction at the AMNH. I've seen artwork of the
feathered Velociraptors and we'll be publishing some of it later this year.
THAT is what was meant by feathers, not proto-feathers.

Also, with all due respect, the modification of one kind of fur to another
kind of fur is NOT always as simple as it might seem from a computer point
of view. With a pencil and paper, it's a no brainer, but with CG it's not
always and that's a subject for another mailing list.

> o.
> Dan

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