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Re: Babies and Ecology

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:20:25  
 dbensen wrote:
>>>But it is likely that tyrannosaurs grew a heckuva lot faster than alligators.
> Just something to think about.<<
>True.  It's also very debatable whether Tyrannosaur babies had to hunt for
>themselves.  Is there ANY evidence either way on tyrannosaur child-rearing?

I don't know about Tyrannosaurs, but didn't Bakker find some evidence of 
parental feeding of infants in ceratosaurs (from the Jurassic of Wyoming)??  
While ceratosaur feeding certainly cannot be applied to tyrannosaurs, maybe it 
can be used as a model.

I assume you would have to compare environments, availability of food, size of 
the infants (compare the size of the ceratosaurs and tyrannosaurs), etc., and 
even then you couldn't be quite sure of parental feeding in tyrannosaurs 
without exact proof (bite marks on bones, etc.).


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