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Re: Reptilia Again....

I wrote:

<Please don't characterize people you do not have the 
mentality of to assume their thoughts.>

  Ken, and to the rest of the list, this was not
intended as an insult. I realize, however, that I
seriously should have clarified my phraseology: I had
meant that the clause: "have the mentality" was in
reference to knowing the mind of (_mentalis_ of the
mind, of thought), rather than attacking your (Ken's)
mind. I understand that I offended you, and probably a
few others (at least), so on this score I seriously
appologize. I am sorry.

  Also, I had come extremely close to, if not
infringring the anti-_ad hominem_ rules of the list
with the implications at least that I had attacked
Ken's own thoughts. So in this offense to Ken and to
the rest of the list with special appologies to Mickey
and Mary, I really am sorry.

  Jaime A. Headden

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