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Re: Feathered topics.

Rob Gay wrote:
> Hate to rain on the parade, but in the talk that Horner gave here at
NAU, he
> said that there will _not_ be any feathered dinos in JPIII. He said
> Spielberg had told him that feathered dinos wouldn't fit, because
> previous two didn't have feathers. (Also, in the movie, why did they
> Frog DNA? Could you possibly pick a worse tetrapod?)
> Anyways, that's the current news.
> Peace,
> Rob

Well, just as a suggestion, they *could* have stated something about
how, when they did the initial species-reconstructions, some ignorant
tech might have thought the sample had been corrupted, and thus they
fixed it. Or, they simply made that one of the many changes, (much
like how they changed the T-rex to be more aggressive,) as it didn't
fit the at-the-time current view of the species. (This info i found on
a site a few years ago, some sort of teaser/info list, from before TLW
was released.)

Then, perhaps, there could be something stated of how the original,
unaltered DNA, after the next generation of breedings, or something,
re-asserted itself, as it could have been a simpler mutation. (much
like the experiment I heard where a chicken was given teeth by a
certain protein or something being inserted into the embryo. Well,

And I do agree, a frog was a horrible choice, and so generalized, too.
I would have picked creatures much more similar to the evolutionary
line, even possible descendants, or visually similar creatures. (like
an ostrich or rhea for the _Gallimimus_, perhaps, or something else
similar for the T-rex, etc. I might even go as far as to say a rhino
or bovine for a ceratopsian.)

Also, one question I'd like to add: A lot of comparison has been made
between the _Oviraptor_, and the Cassowary, in the fact of they both
have the crest. My question is, I've never been able to see a
cassowary skull, is its crest also made of bone, or is it made of
cartilage, or even flesh?