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RE: Progress schmogress (was Re: competition)

Tim, etc:

In case you haven't checked cranial capacities lately,
_Homo sapiens neanderthalensis_ actually had an average braincase size
that was 7-10% larger than _Homo sapiens sapiens_ (average).

Allan Edels

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Subject: Progress schmogress (was Re: competition)

"KELL00BELL@aol.com" wrote:"...hominids with bigger brains..."

Unless there's some hominid fossils you're keeping to yourself, I didn't
think we knew enough about the evolution of this particular group to be all
that confident in this assertion.  Sure, _Homo sapiens_ is the only
surviving hominin species in the modern era - yetis and sasquatches aside.
But can we be absolutely certain say that the hominin species we replaced
had smaller endocranial capacities than our ancestors?

Rant ends.