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Follow-up: Crocs vs. Parasuchians (was RE: Progress schmogress (was Re: competition))

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> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
> Since the parasuchians were extinct by the end of the Late Triassic (by
> whatever reason), before we have evidence of crocodylmorphs with
> a croc-like
> habit, competative exlcusion between these clades seems very unlikely.
> Instead, crocodylomorphs seem to have radiated into the niche
> vacated by the
> by-then-missing parasuchians (among other aspects of the croc radiations).

Whoops: typing too fast!!

In fact, this does represent a pretty good potential case of competative
EXCLUSION (in the sense that parasuchians were seemingly occupying the
niche, so that crocs couldn't move into it).  However, it does seem that
COMPETITION itself beween Late Triassic parasuchians and crocodylomorphs is
very unlikely, as the contemporaries had dissimilar anatomies and presumed

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