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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #170

> "[...] Dr. Krause will announce the discovery of a
> fossil tooth from a marsupial mammal that he believes is the earliest
> in the Southern Hemisphere. Until now, the earliest known remains of a
> marsupial in the hemisphere dated back to the Paleocene Epoch, 55 million
> 65 million years ago; this find suggests that marsupials were in the
> Hemisphere during the late Cretaceous period, 65 million to 100 million
> ago. This fossil is approximately 70 million years old, he said. [...]"

:-o Intriguing. Well, let's see whether it turns out to be an
australosphenidan like *Teinolophos*, *Ausktribosphenos*, *Ambondro*, the
monotremes and probably the gondwanatheres. If not, then something is wrong
with what we know about paleobiogeography...