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Re: Titanosaur Reconstruction

"Tracy L. Ford" wrote:

> Having now recovered an exceptional specimen, with both head and body
> intact for the first time, Kristina Curry Rogers said paleontologists
> could build a more realistic picture of titanosaurs.
> It settled, she said, the argument over whether these animals had a
> slender-snouted, horsey look with nostrils on top of the head and small
> teeth positioned to the front of the jaw; or rather a bulldog-shaped head
> with nostrils on the side.
> Rapetosaurus krausei shows the former to be the case.<<
> Nice to see its out. But if I remember correctly from the SVP talk, the
> skull was in pieces and that's the way they reconstructed it. Its not the
> first 'Titanosaur' skull, there's one from South America (see archives) and
> this one beat them to it.

We based our reconstruction on some pretty spectacular data that some good
friends were kind enough to let us measure and photograph...it cannot be
talked about just yet...but boy what a beautiful fossil...

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