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Re: Titanosaur Reconstruction

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Richard W Travsky wrote:

[skull of _Rapetosaurus_]
> It settled, she said, the argument over whether these animals had a
> slender-snouted, horsey look with nostrils on top of the head and small
> teeth positioned to the front of the jaw; or rather a bulldog-shaped head
> with nostrils on the side.
> Rapetosaurus krausei shows the former to be the case.

So, it would appear that the "horsey"-type skull evolved twice from the
"boxy"-type skull? (Mental note: find better terms for sauropod skull

--+--Jobaria (boxy)
  `--+--Diplodocimorpha (horsey)
     `--+--Camarasaurus (boxy)
        `--+--Brachiosauridae (boxy)
           `--Titanosauria (horsey)

Interesting to note that most Cretaceous sauropods (titanosaurs and
dicraeosaurid and rebbachisaurid diplodocimorphs) had "horsey" skulls,
then. (_Jobaria_ is the only exception that comes to mind.) Could this
have something to do with a global change in vegetation? Or is this
observation flawed?

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