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Megalosaurs (was Re: An Interesting URL!)

I'm curious what the current status of "Megalosaurs" are.  I know that
some considered it a valid taxon, while others a vast wastebasket of
unknown theropoda.  Is there any chance that "megalosaurs" are actually

Chris Noto

Well there's the French Poekilopleuron bucklandii, which was known from fairly decent remains and is probably the same animal as the English Megalosaur. Sadly much of Poekilopleuron was destroyed in WW2 so we may never know for certain. Bob Bakker has two new megalosaurs,Edmarka rex and Brontoraptor, and both are likely the same if not in fact a large T. tanneri. Other than these all other "Megalosaurs" are likely doubtful, and all are curently listed under Torvosauridae.

-Chris Collinson

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