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Re: New titanosaur?

Here's the abstract:

Nature 412, 530 - 534 (2001) © Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

The last of the dinosaur titans: a new sauropod from Madagascar


Department of Anatomical Sciences, Health Sciences Center, State University
of New York, Stony Brook, New York 11794, USA
* Present address: Department of Paleontology, Science Museum of Minnesota,
120 W. Kellogg Boulevard, St Paul, Minnesota 55102, USA; and Macalester
College, Geology Department, St Paul, Minnesota 55105, USA.

Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to K.C.R.
(e-mail: krogers@smm.org).

The Titanosauria, the last surviving group of the giant sauropod dinosaurs,
attained a near-global distribution by the close of the Cretaceous period
(65 Myr ago). With the exception of a few new discoveries in Argentina, most
titanosaurs are known only from fragmentary postcranial skeletons and rare,
isolated skull elements. Here we describe the most complete titanosaur yet
discovered. _Rapetosaurus krausei_ gen. et sp. nov., from the Maevarano
Formation of Madagascar, provides a view of titanosaur anatomy from head to
tail. A total-evidence phylogenetic analysis supports a close relationship
between brachiosaurids and titanosaurs (Titanosauriformes). The inclusion of
cranial data from _Rapetosaurus_ also lays to rest questions concerning the
phylogeny of the enigmatic Mongolian genera _Nemegtosaurus_ and
_Quaesitosaurus_. In spite of their elongated, diplodocoid-like skulls, all
three taxa are now firmly nested within Titanosauria.


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> Hey, just a brief note:
> I saw an article saying that a crew from SUNY has a complete titanosaur
> Madagascar, and quoted someone on the team as saying, "now we know what a
> titanosaur looks like from head to tail." !!! Does anyone else have any
> info on this?
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