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An interesting URL?????????????

Would you please send me the message again with the links concerning this
item. Somehow I lost the original before
I gave it to our Museum Director or Curator.

We have had the same looking Torvosaurus on display in our museum ( Mesaland
Dinosaur Museum ) here in
Tucumcari, New Mexico for some time now.

You can explore our web page at www.mesatc.cc.nm.us and catch quite a bit of
information on our college and

We also have an Internet course starting this Fall semester for anyone
interested. It can be seen on the page links:

home page -> Interenet Courses -> GEOL 125 DINOSAURS

Jim Morgan
Director of Institutional Computing
Mesa Technical College
911 South 10th St.
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(505) 461-4413 X116
(505) 461-1901 FAX