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Re: Rapetosaurus stuff

If Alamosaurus was of Asian origin, why there has not been found yet an Asian Alamosaurus? Or even a Canadian Alamosaurus?<
This is true that _Alamosaurus_ seems to be limited in its distribution to the southern portion of North America. Specifically, in Utah (Wasatch Plateau), New Mexico (San Juan Basin), and Texas (Big Bend area). Beyond _Alamosaurus_, these three areas seem to have more in common with each other than they do with more well known Masstrictian faunas of northern NA (Particularly Utah and Texas, New Mexico to a somewhat lesser degree). This may suggest a possible barrier between North and South NA during late K times, across which titanosaurs could not move (just a suggestion, nothing more). But if this barrier was real, than this would have limited titanosaurs to northern NA during the late K, and they would not be present in the southern basins. This seems to suggest to me that at least _Alamosaurus_ had ties to SA.

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