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Re: Carcharodontosaurus & Spinosaurus

--- Josh Smith <smithjb@sas.upenn.edu> wrote:

> We have some evidence that the larger
> non-spinosaurid theropods
> in Egypt munched on sauropods.  

Well, besides the obvious, could you elaborate on this
statement? Have you found something conclusive (i.e.
Carch teeth lodged in sauropod bone)? This would be
very exciting. 

> However, as far as
> _Spinosaurus_ eating
> fish goes, all we have is some inferred behavior
> postulated on the basis of
> anatomy (much of that extrapolated from
> phylogenetically close taxa) and
> some extrapolations of behavior from other
> spinosaurids.

I suggest that S. would go for fish and
ornithischians. Not an exclusively piscivorous diet.
Baryonyx (which seems far more suited to catching
fish) wouldn't hesitate to kill a juvenile iguanodont,
so I see no reason to assume otherwise regarding
Spinosaurus. Kind of like the T.rex-as-scavenger
hypothesis....no large carnivore feeds only carcasses.
Likewise, no spinosaurine would feed only on fish.    

> Do I think that
> _Carcharodontosaurus_  would have wiped
> the floor with _Spinosaurus_ in an altercation? 
> Absolutely.

LOL! Me too....


Waylon Rowley

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