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The most dangerous dinosaur (humor, sort of...) (was RE: Carcharodontosaurus & Spinosaurus)

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Josh Smith
> > > Do I think that
> > > _Carcharodontosaurus_  would have wiped
> > > the floor with _Spinosaurus_ in an altercation?
> > > Absolutely.
> >
> > LOL! Me too....
> >
> Would have been a short fight if you ask me.....

Having answered questions for various websites for the last month, as part
of the promotion of the JPI Dinosaur Field Guide, I've been besieged by
"could Spinosaurus really kill T. rex" questions.  I was good, and never
once responded the evil new dino-myth I wanted to propose: namely, that the
most dangerous dinosaur of all was Parksosaurus.  After all, it could get in
close and no one would suspect anything... :-)

However, my better took hold, if for no other reason than I didn't want to
spend the next few years coming across that statement accepted as a fact and
disseminated over the Internet.

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