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RE: Antarctosaurus mandible

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> Marco Auditore
> Hi to all dinolist members.
> I want to know if, in light of the discovery of the new titanosaur
> Rapetosaurus, is possible that the partial dentary originally assigned by
> Von Huene to Antarctosaurus wichmannianus, and then assigned to the
> rebbachisaurids, was in fact the mandibles of Antarctosaurus or, at least,
> of titanosaurian nature.

Although that does remain a possibility, the A. wichmannianus mandible
shares features with Nigersaurus that are not found in titanosaur skulls
(like Rapetosaurus):
*The teeth are arrayed in rows only along the anterior margin (not unlike
grazing rhinos, among other taxa); in Rapetosaurus the teeth extend down
most of the length of the dentary
*The dentary forms a real nice right angle between the tooth-bearing surface
and the ramus leading posteriorly to the post-dentary bones; in Rapetosaurus
(and other titanosaurs), the dentary is more gently curved.

So the weight of the evidence points to A. wichmannianus being a

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