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Re: Struthiomimus Exhibit

hi all,

No joint is apparent
distinguishing the distal ends of the radius and ulna from the metacarpals,
nor is there (at least as viewed in the web page) any sign of a pteroid bone
or of a propatagium.

I disagree; if you look at the first photograph, towards the more proximal part of the wing, there's a rectangular shadow across a section of the patagium. It looks like the humerus is bent back into the plane of the photograph, then the radius/ulna is bent forward towards us (and is contained in the shadow), and the metacarpals are bent up at an angle from the radius/ulna.

And the elbow points back across and inside the bronze area of thw wing, so the propatagium is shown. You can see a slightly folded area (it looks a little crumpled on first glance) proximal from the wrist joint, which is presumably the leading edge of the propatagium. It looks like the propatagium is folded in accordance with the elbow joint, and presumably the pteroid would be the thing making it look more like a fold than a crumple.

one sees things resembling a
structural members (they do not look like simple buckling of the wing
membrane), as if the artist were trying to pattern the pterosaur wings after
those of a bat (albeit incorrectly even for a bat).

Hmmm, i think the sculpter was trying to show actinofibrils in the wing, and those bigger more heavily defined ones that i guess you're referring too are just buckling patterns in the wing that've been *guided* by the fibres. The fourth digit seems to be bent up along a different plane from the metacarpals, so this would fold the corresponding section of wing upwards as well, and the structural member is just a fibre that happens to accentuate the folding at that point. Ditto for the folded bit further down, at the edge of the shadowed section of wing. Anyway, thats what it looks like to me.

Agree that it's a pretty neat peice of work regardless.

david elliott

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