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Re: Struthiomimus Exhibit

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From: Luis Rey
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Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 2:04 AM
Subject: Re: Struthiomimus Exhibit


"Tracy L. Ford" wrote:
Oh, my aching back!!! There is no way that back could bend like that and let the animal live and the forearm is way to wide. Not to mentioned that kind of pterosaur, Nyctosaurus, didn’t live with it. Wrong time, wrong place and with what is known for the skull of Nyctosaurus, wrong head.

Couldn't have said better myself. I usually refrain from any negative commentary concerning artwork, but seeing that >broken< , distorted backbone in what seems a rather expensive Struthiomimus bronze made me cringe!

And as for the feathers, couldn't see what sort of insulation they put on it, but a fibrous pelage would be perfectly admissible.
Luis Rey

Dear List,


    After taking a long look at the struthio bronze, I'm going to have to go with Tracy and Luis on this one. As most list members know, the amount of people who make there living as full time paleoartists, is quite small. We're a mostly tight knit bunch, and I know most of the community personally.

    I don't think that I have ever heard of the "Renowned dinosaur artist" Phil Bircheff. Is This the same person who started promoting himself as "dinoman" in SVP advertisements a few years back? Not that it matters, but that individual was an oil painter.

    I suppose that there are good and bad things about this piece. The good is that museums are starting to make a concentrated effort to show more art work. This makes not only me happy, but my creditors as well.

    The bad is this particular piece of art. If this person had five minutes of anatomy training, or even bothered driving by one of the bazillion ostrich farms that pepper the Southwest, he would have been able to make his sculpture much more accurate. I'm sure that Mr. Bircheff is a talented artist in fields that he is up on, but it's painfully obvious (Pun intended) that struthiomimises aren't one of them.

    Cliff Green