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Museum Exhibits


Stacey Burgess wrote:

 >>THIS annoys me I'm 16 years old and know full well that NO Ornithomimosaur could have possibly contorted its self like this, yet a museum full of EXPERTS produced this? Oh well perhaps I will  have a future in dinosaur art, apparently you don't need to be all that knowledgeable in the subject.

Oh dear... you should see some of the things that are included in our beloved British Museum (NH): One of the best ones is a horrid life-size 'fleshed' Tyrannosaurus head that has the ear openings in the post-temporal fenestrae (just right at the back of the eye!)... or a juvenile skeleton of hypsilophodon with the left foot metatarsal articulation with tibia bending the wrong way (towards the front) so the poor animal seems completely dislocated , or the fact that the museum accurately and beautifully raised the tail of Diplodocus skeleton on the air... but  still has the back feet of Camarasaurus as its front feet!  And so on.

No museum is saved from their own glitches and peculiar mistakes, no matter how many experts supervise things., there's going to be a funny detail.;

Luis Rey

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