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Re: Semi-aquatic dinos and one other question

--- "Demetrios M. Vital" <vita0015@umn.edu> wrote:
> Howdy,
> There were a few emails onlist recently mentioning
> semi-aquatic dinos,
> Bakker's unrevealed dinos, for instance, and
> semi-aquatic nodosaurs. 
In fact many dinosaurs,are
and penguins!
> I am
> wondering about semi-aquatic pachycephalosaurs. 
> Wouldn't the barrel-shaped
> body and expansive gut give some added buoyancy? 
This may be possible only for larger types(e.g
Pachycephalosaurine).Because deformation of body
form,(after change in habit&habitats,)in small forms
appeared in greater performance,than it's in larger
forms.So, if smaller pachies,were semiaquatic ,it need
more derivations in their small bodies,yet may be
possible for much larger forms.
In other hand If any of them was semiaquatic,we most
have much better fossil evidence of it.Thus Probably
all of them life on mountains and high places,so far
from water.
Also their hands are too small for an semiaquatic
animal like pachies.
> Either way, I was hoping
> to get some observations from more educated members
> of this list about that
> idea.
I'm sorry.I'm only 18.
> And the other question: I was reconstructing a
> Stygimoloch spinifer ("was"
> because I am done with it), but I never learned
> about marginocephalian
> lips/cheeks, or the lack thereof.  I put cheeks on
> my S. spinifer, because
> that has been the status quo for some time now. 
> However, I am wondering
> whether they had lips or cheeks or not.  Can anyone
> help answer that, or
> direct me to sources that can?
It's likely that all Ornithischians(with exception of
some primitive forms) had cheeks,at least a membrane
which cover sides of mouth,and more probable is a
muscular cheek for them.Yet some people aren't agree.

In other hand all of them may have had a Rhamphotheca,
covering the beak , and so not to have lips,yet in
posterior side of their beaks,maybe a soft tissue or
skin,(like those of birds) analog to a partial lip.

You can see this pencil work(a smaller version of my


or go to this URL(larger version):


> Thanks in advance!
> -Demetrios Vital



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