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Yesterday "Jurassic Park III" finally started in Austria (and Germany)
and there are a few things that nobody mentioned so far.

1. The T.rex looked quite unrealistic in the scene at the carcass, like 
the Dinosaurs in old/ low quality movies and documentaries. And why 
should it leave the carcass for a few tiny mammals. :-)

2. I'm not sure about this one but as Grant and Billy identified the 
species Grant showed a thooth to Billy after saying  _Spinosaurus 
aegyptiacus_, so I think the thooth was supposed to be from _S. 
aegyptiacus_ but it was recurved (if I remember correctly), 
Spinosaurus's theeth were not recurved.

3. A Phone (and the bones as well) would probably not leave the guts of
a Spinosaur undigested.

4. The "Raptors" looked nice except for the feathers, they looked like
plucked out of a bird and glued to the "Raptors". I don't think that 
any animal had just a few feathers sticking out of it's head and neck
but is scaly everywhere else.

And in part IV I think we'll see "Raptors" hunting Brachiosaurs like
humans hunted mammoths.:-)

Patrick Strutzenberger