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Re: The Name Game

Well, let's see:

Among others, there's the wonderful _Heterodontosaurus tucki_, my favorite
dinosaur, named for a distant, *wealthy*, relative in South Africa; and
there's _Eleuthodactylus tucki_ (J. D. Haardy, _nomen nudum_) (recently
ursurped as _E. charollettevillei_), a frog on Tobago that I first
collected, photographed, documented, and spent many a long night studying in
the field; and there's the holotype (USNM, Division of Mammals, Smithsonian
Institution) of  _Myomimus setzeri_, a previously unknown dormouse described
by a Russian mammalogist that I collected in northwestern Iran on the then
Soviet border during much international tension, conflict, and personal
danger (see: Walker's _Mammals of the World_, latest edition); and there are
my field notes and research on Iranian Triassic dinosaur footprints in
Kerman Province and on Recent _Crocodylus_ populations in Persian
Baluchistan, all lost to the minons of the late 'Ayatollah Khomeini.

Yeah, I get a bit ticked-off from time to time, too.

-= Tuck =-

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> How would you feel if there were a press conference which announced that
> were being honored by having a dinosaur named after you...and you said
> it was better than having an Academy Award:
> http://www.naturalsciences.org/wnew/111400_crichton.html
> And the announcement made the news services and was talked about on the
> dinosaur list in November and December of 2000.
> And then a book came out which named the dinosaur _Bienosaurus
lufengensis_ ?
> Mary
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