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Re: Spinosaurid Nose Job

I would think that the retracted nares in Suchomimus is a special
adaptation to piscivory and would fall under the category of those
"exceptions" that Witmer mentioned in his paper.  Trying to place the
nostrils on the tip of the snout would look ridiculous, considering that 
they had such narrow snouts to begin with.  The effect might be a
bulbous projection on the snout in order to make room for the nasal
tissues to pass if such was the case.  In all liklihood though,
I would expect those nostrils to be at the anteriormost edge of the narial
opening and pointing ventrally.

hope this helps,

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Steven Coombs wrote:

> Hello Fellow List Members,
> Ok, with all the news about changing dinosaurs noses, theres one question 
> which I will indeed have to ask, when I re-do my Spinosaurus aegyptiacus 
> reconstruction of the head. Now all Spinosaurids like Baryonyx and 
> Suchomimus have there nasal cavity pretty colse to there eyes than other 
> theropods, does the nose really have to be above the mouth? If so this would 
> be a long passage way, compare to other theropods such as Allosaurus ot even 
> T.rex.
> Steven Coombs
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