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Premaxilla Q

I was readinf through my Allosaurus fragilis (atrox)
monograph, and suddenly decided that I would sculpt an
*exact* copy of the premaxilla depicted. However, I
ran up against a wall in my knowledge of this bone. I
have dorsal, ventral, lateral, medial, and somewhat
oblique views, but I still can't see dorsal surface of
the palatal processes. In other words, if you removed
the supranarial process (a.k.a. superior nasal
process), what would the premaxilla look like from
above? My *guess* is that the subnarial processes
converge anteriorly near the interpremaxilly
symphysis, being separated by the anteromedial
plate-shaped processes of the maxilla. I need
verification, as I would be disgusted with myself if I
spent several weeks making this thing only to find out
it was seriously flawed. If you can describe this
region in detail, or if you have some pictures or
diagrams, I would love to hear from you!


Waylon Rowley

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