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Re: feather prints

Ville Sinkkonen wrote-

> 1)  how many dinosaurs have been found feathers.
>     (i need the names)

The following are known from some type of filamentous integument-
Sinosauropteryx prima (filaments)
undescribed maniraptoran (Xu, 2000)
Protarchaeopteryx robusta (tufts, retrices)
Beipiaosaurus inexpectus (filaments)
Caudipteryx zoui (tufts, remiges, retrices)
Caudipteryx sp. nov. (tufts, remiges, retrices)
Shuvuuia deserti
Sinornithosaurus millenii (filaments, tufts, feathers)
cf. Sinornithosaurus (filaments, tufts, remiges)
Microraptor zhaoianus (filaments, feathers)
Archaeopteryx lithographica (remiges, retrices)
Archaeopteryx bavarica (remiges, retrices)
Lots of pygostylians.......

Mickey Mortimer