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Re: Species of Triceratops

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Michael Hanson wrote:

> Note: "Eurycephale" Hanson, 2001 emend. Keesey  was previously  
> "Eurycephaila" Hanson, 2001

Errr, since these haven't been published anywhere,
        "Eurycephale" Hanson, 2001 [pers. comm.]
        "Eurycephale" [unpublished]
might be more appropriate.

An emendation citation would only be necessary if I had actually published
a correction of this name somewhere. And, actually, if you had published
it as _Eurycephalia_ somewhere, neither the ICZN nor PhyloCode would
support my emending it to _Eurycephale_.

I don't even know if the name is warranted ... I'll leave that to others
more knowledgeable for discussion.

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