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Re: Species of Triceratops

George Olshevskey wrote:
>In a message dated 8/4/01 4:28:54 PM EST, 
>mhanson54@home.com writes:

><< For a while I have been trying to figure out exactly how many
>species of  Triceratops are there. This is what I have figured out. >>>
>What's wrong with Ostrom & Wellnhofer's Triceratops taxonomy? Or Cathy
I am not saying that there is anything wrong with Ostrom & Wellnhofer's or Cathy Forster's taxonomies. I was wondering what I would come up with since both are kind of different and "Species of Triceratops" is the result. By the way, I reverted from "Eurycephale" [unpublished] back to "Eurycephalia" [unpublished].