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Re: Masiakasaurus knopferi

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Michael Hanson wrote:

> Hey! I thought I also Submitted a picture of Masiakasaurus knopfleri
> also! (although, with that skeletal diagram and more information on
> dinosaurian noses, I think I will make a new reconstruction)

Lots of people submitted lots of stuff. I have absolutely dozens of images
to go through. I'm not being unfair, though -- those images I mentioned
are not on the Dinosauricon yet, just in a temporary directory which isn't
linked to anywhere.

To anyone on the list who has submitted artwork to the Dinosauricon, but
hasn't received a response, please be patient. The system I have in place
was designed back when I had far less submissions and far more free time.
It will probably take me at least a day to do the next update, and I
haven't had any days to spare in a while.

Whenever I have time to re-engineer the Dinosauricon (ha!), I will create
a far more efficient system for adding artwork.

Sorry for taking up DML space for something not directly related to
dinosaur science. I have a separate mailing list set up for announcements
pertaining to my wesbite. Anyone who wishes to join, please follow the
instructions at http://dinosauricon.com/main/index.html#announcements

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