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Re: feathered fossils and Masiakasaurus

Luc "Aspidel" Bailly (aspidel@infonie.be) wrote:

<Now a question about _Masiakasaurus_: this little abelisaur got a
really unusual dentary. What could have been the adaptation of such a
mouth? Did it search its food in the sand of river banks? Just an
idea, maybe completely wrong.>

  Here are some links from the archives:

  Back when this animal was first described, including a unique
anecdote from Mike Keesey... :)

  Anyway, suggest you look at the variety of animals with such
radiating dentition in the jaws, as all inferences to spinosaurs is
made on this. The maxillary dentition is only slightly procumbent in
the front of the jaw, so the premaxillary dentition may _not_ have
been so bizarre.... I would have drawn it differently, but that's
_me_. What is unique is not the arrangement of the teeth or shape of
the jaw, but the form of the teeth themselves. The paper is easily
accessible from _Science_, just go to the library, or ask politely
and someone may offer you a copy :)

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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