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JPIII Raptors' behaviour.

 Thanks for anwering me so quickly. 
And once again, I agree with you. 
I've been thinking about how have these kind of
dinosaurs (raptors, deinonychus, etc) coordinated
themselves to get a prey. 
In many books they are compared with modern mammals
such like wolves, killer whales, African wild
dogs,lions, etc, but perhaps, we rather head for
another direction.
Here, I'm taking into account the social behaviour of
some birds, which need to communicate among
themselves, as you say, in an acoustic way. 
Somebody once suggested the vultures, but they were
counted off as it was noted they don't coordinate
attacks. Then we found some species of hawks and
eagles, which show some cooperation (we are not sure
if its coordination yet) between male and female when
they are chasing a prey.
But even in this case, the evedince of an articulated
language is far from reality. Unfortunately, I guess
we just don't have a present model to compare with the
predator dinosaurs's behaviour.


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