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RE: Spinosaurid Nose Job

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> Steven Coombs
> Hello Fellow List Members,
> Ok, with all the news about changing dinosaurs noses, theres one question
> which I will indeed have to ask, when I re-do my Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
> reconstruction of the head. Now all Spinosaurids like Baryonyx and
> Suchomimus have there nasal cavity pretty colse to there eyes than other
> theropods, does the nose really have to be above the mouth? If so
> this would
> be a long passage way, compare to other theropods such as
> Allosaurus ot even
> T.rex.
In order to determine this, you would need to get a pretty good look at the
premaxillae and maxillae of spinosaurids, to look for the blood vessel
foramina associated with the cavernous tissues of the external nostril.  My
suspicion is that you WON'T find them outside the external narial opening on
spinosaurid skulls, and instead the fleshy nostril will be in the far
rostral part of that bony opening.  In those dinosaurs where Witmer extends
the narial passage far outside the external evidence (neosauropods,
essentially), there are good osteological correlates for soft narial tissue
in that region: I have seen nothing in spinosaurids to indicate their
presence in those theropods.  (Okay, I wasn't LOOKING for them, but I don't
recall seeing any such evidence).

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