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RE: aviformes

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> ville sinkkonen
> hi
> What are aviforms.
We need the context for this.  "Aviform" means "bird shape".  Might you be
referring to Alan Feduccia's "avimorph thecodonts": his para-/polyphyletic
assemblage of diapsids including drepanosaurids like Megalancosaurus and
other taxa like Longisquama which he postulates were the arboreal ancestors
of birds?

(Incidentally, it is a bit ironic to call these taxa "thecodonts", as none
are known to have thecodont tooth implantation: drepanosaurids are
pleurodont or possibly subthecodont, and Longisquama seems to be acrodont
(somewhat difficult to tell for certain).

I've also seen the term "aviformes" used for "bird-like" in Spanish, where
the term doesn't seem to refer to a taxonomic category per se.

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