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Re: Dsungaripterus...

Brian Choo (bchoo@cyllene.uwa.edu.au) wrote:

<Dsungaripterus has no teeth! What you are seeing are blunt bony
projections on the margins of the toothless jaw. Most sources (eg.
Wellnhofer's Encyclopedia) depict D. as a shellfish eater, using the
upturned, tweezer-like jaws to probe for shelled food-items which
were then cracked open by the bony-knobs.>

  Correct me if I'm wrong, Brian, but personal observation tells me
that there are distinctly implanted teeth which are medially expanded
into bulbous crushing platforms, and that the teeth grade from the
*Germanodactylus rhamphastinus* to the *Noripterus* and "Phobetor"
type to *Dsungaripterus*. These teeth appear to have the same
position and exterior morphology with contact to the jaws as do those
other taxa, though I've not had opportunity to examine the skull itself.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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