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Re: semilunate carpal

Also, somebody mentioned that the relatively immobile wrist was integral to
the "predatory stroke" - the rapid forward-and-downward movement of the
forelimbs which was exapted to the flight stroke in birds. When the ambush
predator sprang forward, ready to sieze the hapless prey, the forelimbs
swung forward and the hands swung inward as part of the same lithe motion.
I think the listmember was asking if this was also connected at all with the
semilunate carpal?

I beleive it was me which asked that question. Yes - does the semilunate carpal relate to the 'predatory stroke', or is it something separate and unconnected with this motion of the forelimbs and shoulderds?

Any help to answer this question will be very appreciated...

Chris F.

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