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RE: aviformes

Tom Holtz wrote:

We need the context for this.  "Aviform" means "bird shape".  Might you be
referring to Alan Feduccia's "avimorph thecodonts": his para-/polyphyletic
assemblage of diapsids including drepanosaurids like Megalancosaurus and
other taxa like Longisquama which he postulates were the arboreal ancestors
of birds?

And don't forget _Scleromochlus_, the third member of Feduccia's trinity of "avimorph thecodonts". You see, _Scleromochlus_ has long arms like a bird...

The reason why the term "avimorph thecodonts" is so nebulous and taxonomically meaningless is eloquently mentioned by Kevin Padian:


(Though I think _Megalancosaurus_ is best interpreted as arboreal rather than aquatic. Either way, its skeleton is manifestly unsuitable for it to be considered a likely proavian.)


Feduccia, A and Wild, R. (1993).  Birdlike characters in the Triassic
archosaur _Megalancosaurus_.  Naturwissenschaften 80 (12): 564-566.



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