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Re: Dsungaripterus...

Marcel Bertolucci wrote:
<< And, by the way, what is the difference between _Huayangosaurus_ and _Kentrosaurus_, because I think they're in someway simillar to each other, or its just a 'dream' of mine? >>
Huyangosaurus and Kentrosaurus look very similar but Huyangosaurus is much more primitive. Huyangosaurus had a wider head than Kentrosaurus and it had osteoderms along its side unlike Kentrosaurus, Huyandosaurus, unlike Kentrosaurus, had a small club at the end of its tail. I found a good picture of Huyangosaurus on the Jurassic Gallery (http://www3.justnet.ne.jp/~mshiraishi/Huayangosaurus.jpg).