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Re: Dsungaripterus...

Brian Choo wrote-

> By far the easiest way to spot a huayangosaur in a field of Kentrosaurus
> without resorting to dissection is to look inside the mouth.
> possesses 7 premaxillary teeth, all more advanced stegosaurians (including
> Kentrosaurus) have zero.

Hypothetically, yes.  However, cranial remains of Kentrosaurus are poorly
known.  I'm unsure if anyone's found a premaxilla.  The perfect reference to
check would be-
Galton, 1988. Skull bones and endocranial casts of the stegosaurian dinosaur
Kentrosaurus Hennig, 1915 from the Upper Jurassic of Tanzania, East Africa.
Geol. Palaeontol. 22: 123-143.
Unfortunately, I don't have this paper.

Michael Hanson wrote-

> Huyangosaurus and Kentrosaurus look very similar but Huyangosaurus is much
> primitive. Huyangosaurus had a wider head than Kentrosaurus and it had
> along its side unlike Kentrosaurus, Huyandosaurus, unlike Kentrosaurus,
had a small club > at the end of its tail. I found a good picture of
Huyangosaurus on the Jurassic Gallery
> (http://www3.justnet.ne.jp/~mshiraishi/Huayangosaurus.jpg).

Again, I'm unsure of whether enough skull material is known to say the head
was narrower with certainty.  The tail club of Huayangosaurus is new to me.
The illustration was obviously based on Greg Paul's skeletal reconstruction,
which also shows an expanded last caudal vertebra.  Can anyone confirm this
in the literature?

Mickey Mortimer