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Re: semilunate carpal

Dan Varner wrote:

<< But, on balance, I think the best interpretation is that _Velociraptor_ is
grasping _Protoceratops_; _Velociraptor_ is the aggressor and
_Protoceratops_ is the intended victim. >>

       Perhaps it could be more aptly put that the Velocirator was
"controlling"its victims head. The head and tail are retracted to avoid
injury. Protoceratops was armed much like a very lively alligator snapping
turtle. In this case, I'd bet the _V_is pushing the head away.

Could be. But, as can be clearly seen*, _Protoceratops_'s torso is exposed to the _Velociraptor_'s foot. The _Velociraptor_ could end the tussle quite quickly (and perhaps already had).




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