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RE: semilunate carpal

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ptnorton@msn.com wrote:

>Many people, including me, have characterized the V as "grasping" the Proto
>in that specimen.....and maybe it was. I have, however, seen the specimen
>since I said that and it now seems to me that based on its position the
>left hand could have just as easily been being used to push the Proto away.

You mean the _Protoceratops_ was attacking the _Vellociraptor_!!!???
Crikey, what was it thinking??<<

Why is that so hard to grasp? Just because Velociraptor is a carnivore does
not mean, in anyway, that Protoceratops was not the aggressor!
I've said that before on the list (should be lost somewhere in the

>conclusion that it was "grasping" is certainly reasonable, but not

But, on balance, I think the best interpretation is that _Velociraptor_ is
grasping _Protoceratops_; _Velociraptor_ is the aggressor and
_Protoceratops_ is the intended victim.

It is a possible interpretation.

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