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Re: News story: Did We Get Dinosaurs' Noses Wrong?

>Dinosaurs HAD LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <
I would like to read your scientific findings on this, where may I find your paper?
I'm going with HP Tracy Ford on this one. Crocs skulls show the same kind of holes for blood vessels.
Todd Marshall
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Subject: Re: News story: Did We Get Dinosaurs' Noses Wrong?

>OK, that's fine enough.  It doesn't seem to change that much about their
>appearance, but what's up with the T rex?  The "new" reconstruction gives
>it bare teeth!  I thought that theropods had at least a small amount of
>covering over the teeth.  Not lips per se, but something fleshy.
>Yes, no lips, that is 100 percent correct. No lips what so ever, read my paper.
 >Ford, T. L., 1997, Did Theropods have Lizard Lips?: Southwest Paleontological Symposium – Proceedings, 1997, p. 65-78.
>Ford, T. L., 1998, A crocodile smile, or a lizard smile, which was it for theropods?: The Dinofest Symposium, presented by The Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, >April 17-19, 1998, edited by Wolberg D. L., Gittis K., Miller S., Carey L., and Raynor A., p. 15-16.
>The nose I don’t believe for a minute. I’ll have to read the article, but I don’t buy it for a minute. Why in the world would an animal evolve with it’s nose on top of its head if >its nostrils were still at the front?
>Also, the skull’s noise is way to big and the ears are in the wrong place (yea, I know, nick picking). Are they using animals close to dinosaurs?
>Tracy L. Ford
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What!!!! No lips?!?!?!? Or even a fleshy covering!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just because lizards have lips and crocodiles don't doesn't mean dinosaurs did not have lips!!! It seems that dinosaurs have small holes in the bottom and outside surfaces of their maxillary bones and pre-maxillary bones as well as the tops and outside surfaces of their lower jaw and that these holes had blood vessels running through them. If there were blood vessels running through these holes, then there would be some kind of fleshy covering over the teeth! If there weren't any there would not be any lips instead it would be like any other piece of skin on the head and have blood vessels from the rest of the head running through it!! Dinosaurs HAD LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!