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Re: News story: Did We Get Dinosaurs' Noses Wrong?

--- Michael Hanson <mhanson54@home.com> wrote:
> What!!!! No lips?!?!?!? Or even a fleshy
> covering!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just because
> lizards have lips and crocodiles don't doesn't mean
> dinosaurs did not have lips!!! It seems that
> dinosaurs have small holes in the bottom and outside
> surfaces of their maxillary bones and pre-maxillary
> bones as well as the tops and outside surfaces of
> their lower jaw and that these holes had blood
> vessels running through them. If there were blood
> vessels running through these holes, then there
> would be some kind of fleshy covering over the
> teeth! If there weren't any there would not be any
> lips instead it would be like any other piece of
> skin on the head and have blood vessels from the
> rest of the head running through it!! Dinosaurs HAD
> LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This is all very interesting for me, mainly because
I've had discussions with some of the excellent
paleoartists on this list (i.e. HP Todd Marshall)
about the appearance of theropod heads and bodies. I
support the crocodilian look for these animals (at
least non-maniraptorans), which have been portrayed in
some of Todd Marshalls work (Spinosaurus). The
so-called "vascular foramina" that you speak of on the
alveolar margins of facial bones may in fact be exits
for the maxillary/premaxillary/mandibular branches of
the trigeminal nerve (medial ethmoidal nerve passing
through the subnarial foramen as noted by P. Currie,
?1998). These foramina probably led to an organ like
pacinian or herbst corpuscles, which sense movement.
The same features can be seen on the skulls of
crocodilians and under the beaks of wading birds (all
birds?). I *do* believe that some advanced
coelurosaurs had "lips" only because these would,
imho, be precursors to a true
beak. <pant pant pant> Ok, that's all for now, folks.


Waylon Rowley

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